What our Residents are Saying:

“Our family had the true pleasure of being tenants of Kenneth Dulgarian Properties over several years during our extended stays in Providence, RI. His Wayland Court apartments were luxurious and comfortable and felt like a real home from the moment we moved in. At every level of management, the experience was superlative--personal attention, kindness and warmth of service. What we most treasure is the quality of friendship we established and have maintained from our neighbors. We cannot express enough our gratitude and appreciation for Kenny and what he creates in his properties.”

Annabeth Gish & Wade Allen & Co.

“100 Wayland Avenue is an extremely happy place to live - a fine place to come home to on a cold winter’s eve or a warm spring night. That pleasure begins the minute we enter into the handsomely furnished and always impeccably maintained foyer with its ever changing seasonal flowers and music. Our landlord and our maintenance staff continually seek to find ways to provide unmatched services and welcome surprises to all residents. We haven’t changed a light bulb in ten years. We love it here."

Shay Lynch and Nancy Barr

"My name is Addy Bois and I work as a Textile Designer. In the year 2009 I was apartment hunting in Providence and had the pleasure of looking at a property owned and maintained by Ken Dulgarian. It was the most gorgeous apartment I had ever seen and I knew immediately it was to be my next home. Ken had renovated the Governor’s Mansion back to its original beauty and it was spectacular. It was evident that Ken had great attention for detail and high-end quality. The kitchen and bathroom were new, yet kept in the period of style for the original home. The hardwood floors throughout the home were refinished to perfection and the newly painted wall colors were inviting and warm. The outside of the home and grounds were also professionally maintained year-round. I moved in and spent the next three years loving the home and getting to know Ken as the most accountable landlord I have ever known. If I had one small question I got all of his attention immediately. Ken is the most professional, accountable and kind landlord/businessman/person I have ever known. It was a privilege to live in a home that he owned and maintained."

Addy Bois

“I cannot adequately express the quality and caring that goes along with living in Ken Dulgarian’s apartments. The building is always immaculate inside and out and if something needs attention, it is fixed immediately, not tomorrow. I always feel safely ‘at home’ and so happy here and Ken is always available. If you have the choice, my advice would be ‘grab it!’ You will love living in these beautiful apartments. You can only use superlatives to describe the pleasures of being Ken’s tenant."

Evelyn Saltzman

"I was one of the first tenants to move into the new Wayland Court, it was one of the best decision I ever made. The rooms are spacious. In warm weather I enjoy sitting on the outside patio - to have lunch or read. In cold weather, it’s delightful to sit by the fireplace. A great feature is having the washer/dryer in the apartment, (and not have to wash clothes in the basement!) The maintenance crew is superb. They are always cleaning, vacuuming and polishing. They are always available to repair something in the unit - change smoke detector batteries, change filters, even replace light bulbs. And, of course, the landlord is spectacular! Kenny wants everything to be as perfect as possible - and it is!"

Sylvia Denhoff

“We love living at Wayland Court, in a beautiful, luxury apartment. Our landlord, Kenneth Dulgarian is the BEST. He is kind and attentive to our every need. He watches over this apartment building as if he and his family reside here. The location cannot be beat. Everything important to everyday living is within walking distance. How very fortunate we are to be living here."

Ellee & Eldon Goldenberg

Firstly, the apartment building at 100 Wayland Avenue resembles a lovely, small Parisian hotel. So much attention is paid to every element of the decor and it is meticulously maintained. It is charming, serene, and inviting. More importantly, though, is the attention Mr. Dulgarian pays to the individual tenant's requests. He is diligent in accommodating each and every occupant of his building, and seemingly does it all with the greatest of ease. One feels as a family member, particularly when he remembers special days with a lovely, thoughtful gift at the door of one's apartment. Having lived in several apartment houses in other cities, we speak from experience: Kenny Dulgarian is absolutely the best landlord ever and truthfully, were we to decide on apartment living again, it would be a privilege to be accepted in a Dulgarian property!

Joyce and Joe Brian

Having lived in other properties, I can honestly say that Mr. Dulgarian's level of service is more than outstanding!"

Jim Nugent

We just love Wayland Court. What a wonderful building and home. It has every amenity we could possibly need or want, and so well run and managed. An incredibly responsive owner and management. I don't think there is a better place to live in Providence.

Tom Matt and Carl Knerem

When we down-sized, Herb and I temporarily rented an apartment on the East Side while we were looking for a smaller home. Our landlord was Kenneth Dulgarian. I told everyone he is the best landlord in the world. Snow was removed while we slept, phone calls never went unanswered, the house and grounds were immaculate, problems were solved the same day we reported them ,ceiling lights were changed as needed. We lived there temporarily for 14 years and left to winter in Florida, wishing we were in a Kenny Dulgarian building!! 

Herbert & Sally DeSimone

Ken, deservedly, has the finest reputation of any real estate owner in Rhode Island. If that sounds hyperbolic, it is based on my more than 57 years as a member of the Rhode Island Bar, much of which has been in the area of real estate and those involved in the business -- whether as owners, landlords or tenants, buyers or sellers. Ken is honest, intelligent and known for his kindness and consideration for anyone I know with whom he has had a business relationship. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Landlord woes? Not here! When’s the last time you've heard anyone rave about their landlord? After living in a large home for 55 years, I was reluctant to move to an apartment. Mr. Ken Dulgarian, the owner of The Premier Apartments, made the transition easier than I had anticipated.
Terry, maintenance person extraordinaire, was available to assist with any minor or major problem I had. Every tenant was welcomed with lovely flowers at their door and a terry robe hanging in their bathrooms (Is this the Ritz?!). And Chanukah and Christmas comes to the Premier apartments every few weeks! We've received Godiva candy, pastry, granola bars, sparkling lemonade, gift cards for a facial and a restaurant (transportation included!) and a catered brunch with music. My difficult transition was eased immeasurably by Ken Dulgarian's unusual kindness and generosity. The cliched miserly landlord? I wouldn't know about it!


"You're moving? Again?!" This was a familiar refrain in Spring 2014, from friends and family who looked at us incredulously when we told them that yes, we were embarking on our seventh move, in as many years. Our seemingly endless tour around the various zip codes of the greater Providence area had, thus far, resulted in a string of not-quite-right situations: too loud; poor insulation/construction; lack of a view; undesirable location; miniature closets; outdoor/insecure parking. It was turning into a game of "Goldilocks" - when were we going to land on something "just right?" 
Despite our best efforts , we kept coming up short and holding onto that great Rhode Island motto, "hope," that somewhere out there, the perfect apartment was waiting. I'm happy to say that, finally, our search has ended: with The Premier.
We had the extreme good fortune to learn about The Premier when it was still a work in progress. We watched excitedly as metal beams progressed to walls and a roof, then came the landscaping and an eye-catching facade -- and finally, our much - anticipated move-in date.
It was clear, even before we officially moved into the property, that we had happened upon something very special. Dulgarian Properties truly goes the extra mile - more like, extra 188 miles! - for its residents.
Thoughtful gestures and displays of true generosity, such as freshly-laundered bath mats, hand soaps, and delicious treats from area businesses, provided delightful surprises during those first few weeks, making us feel immediately welcome and so happy with our decision. What's more, Ken introduced us to a cleaning service that keeps our space looking its very best, with minimal upkeep necessary on our part. We're constantly on the go with two full time jobs, so Jenn Blanchet and her team have been a total godsend.
The Premier is absolutely lovely inside and out. Cooking is a joy in the large, open kitchen, and I'm in the gym every chance I get (probably because I'm cooking more than ever!). But my hands-down favorite aspect of our place is the huge walk-in closet. It's the stuff every woman's dreams are made of! John loves the fireplace, and he whiles away many a sunny morning and sunset on the balcony. My musician sister marvels at the Steinway piano when she stops by. My mom immediately remarked on the shower in the master bathroom, as well as the spaciousness of the master bedroom. Without exception, everyone who has visited has been impressed with the apartment , and congratulates us on snagging such an enviable place.
The facilities are modern and functional, and the responsiveness to service requests is second-to-none. Terry is an outstanding asset to the Dulgarian Properties team. He's already assisted us with a few service requests promptly, and when necessary, returns to ensure that a job is done correctly.
Along the way, we've forged a few friendships, too. Though it's small in comparison with some of the other buildings where we've lived downtown, The Premier is home to some wonderful, quality folks, who have become great neighbors and new friends. The Premier's location in the heart of Wayland Square can't be beat! A number of fantastic restaurants, shops, spas and salons are within easy walking distance. It's so fun to live in a neighborhood where a great night out is just a stone's throw from your front door. My commute to my job at Rhode Island Hospital has never been faster or easier. But best of all, is the shopping plaza that is literally, in our backyard. It offers everything, from a pharmacy, to one of the best grocery stores in the area (East Side Marketplace), to a dry cleaner that has proven to be terrific.
To be sure, The Premier meets all the fundamental criteria that our previous rentals hadn't . But it's much, much more than that. All the added details that Ken and his team offer their tenants, make this a place that we can't wait to come home to, at the end of every day. It's truly, a treat to live here and we can't imagine anywhere better appointed, more comfortable, or better managed. We're lucky to have found it when we did. At long last, Goldilocks has her happy ending: we've settled into our "just right" home!


The real difference between “The Premiere” and any other unique and beautiful property is Ken Dulgarian. As this is the second apartment I have had the pleasure of renting from Dulgarian Properties I feel I am qualified to make that statement.
It is difficult to put into words how unique Ken is. How focused he is on the quality of life he provides for his tenants here at The Premiere”. From the luxurious lobby to the gracious library, the well-equipped gym and hallways filled with art and crystal. He is ever-present. It is a rare day when he isn't spotted checking on the property and - more particularly - on the needs and welfare of his family of tenants.
To live in any of his properties is to be comfortable, cared for and, most important, listened to. As a rule he doesn't have to be asked for anything because the man seems to be clairvoyant. Before you get a chance to ask him to do something you find that he has already done it. But any request or suggestion you do put forth receives an immediate - and I do mean immediate response.
My husband and I were concerned about becoming apartment dwellers rather than homeowners. Having heard all the horror stories about absentee landlords we signed our first rental agreement with trepidation. But with Ken at the helm we have done a 180. Now 5 years later under Ken's umbrella we much prefer the option of living in a Ken Dulgarian property. He makes the living easy and "The Premiere" is the diamond of his collection.

Skip & Ann Marie